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Sack the Boss is a team of people, all working towards the same goal - to create additional income around our busy lives. Whether it's balancing kids, work or a social life, we work together to support each other in achieving our goals. 


We offer an opportunity to work for yourself, in partnership with the Sack the Boss team and a leading British Brand. The more you do, the more you make and we believe in being as flexible as possible to make it work for your lifestyle. 


You can find out more below about what you will be doing with Sack the Boss!  

Sack the Boss was started by Del, who just wanted to shake up the routine of working for someone else and was always wishing they had more time to spend on the things that mattered most to them.  

Meet the team




I worked for 20 years in the Motor Industry. As time has went on, I had noticed that I was pretty much on a hamster wheel. Work hard for the month get a decent pay, but if i stopped working then the money stopped. If I'm honest when I was 1st offered this "side hussle" I didn't think I had time, I was already really busy. I was working 55 hrs a week, sometimes 12 hours a day, and alot of the time only getting 1 weekend off per month, so basically a really busy dad and family man, and was already missing important family events due to work. I knew for things to change for me I had to change!

I joined the Sack The Boss team and have not really looked back. Working a few extra hours a week in the nooks and crannies of my days, I have been able to build a long term royalty income over the years.

I was able to give up my £80k a year job in the motor trade, and I now don't miss the important family moments in life any more, life is better, more relaxed, and the stress and politics of the work place is gone.

I would recommend everyone looks at this properly!!

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Im a very busy Mum of two girls, and run my own home based furniture business with my husband. I joined the Sack The Boss team, for the pension. Having gone through university and graduating the year of the recession, I remained in the retail sector. Although I loved my last position in Kitchens and bathrooms, I've never been able to pay anything substantial towards my future and now I can work this business part time around my girls and alongside my other business and know it will look after my whole family forever.


We have picked up alot of the Incentives they put on like a FREE Luxury weekend break to Warsaw for my partner and I, a £500 fortnum & Mason Hamper for Christmas, and have also had 3 seperate cash bonuses as we get promoted up the team! This is definately the best decision I have ever made.

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“I had no money and no job,” Jane explains. “I couldn't even take on a standard 9 to 5 position because I couldn't afford the childcare. I was really struggling.” Returning her lease car, by chance, Jane met a Partner who offered her a way out. She was a little hesitant at first, but a few weeks later agreed to sit down for a chat. “I'd always been my own boss in a property business, so that part appealed to me. Within an hour of having everything properly explained, I decided that I had to give it a go. And to be honest, this part time home based business saved my life.”


Jane hit the ground running with the Sack The Boss team, helping 4 people in her first week, and earning over £3000 in her 1st month “I talk to literally everyone about the business opportunity,” she says. “In the supermarket, when I'm out running, gardeners, hairdressers. It's now a bit of a standing joke in my team.” The result is a whirlwind of success in just a few short months. She has reached Team Leader, qualified for the Luxury all Inclusive family Holiday of a Lifetime to Greece, and now has her sights set on qualifying for 1 of our Brand new company BMW mini's – ironically to replace the car she had to return.


"This amazing business can pay more working part time, than most normal jobs can pay working full time. That gives us the freedom to be with the kids and enjoy life".

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