Ben Fogle introduces one of the UK's best
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The Role

We are all customers and partners with UW. All we do is show people the benefits of massively reduced household bills and discounted online shopping with UW. We use the tools, training and websites that UW provide us and it's all easily done via the UW Partner App. We can work face to face or remote from home. It doesn't matter... we have an app and a website, so we can do as we please.


Our model of work is a similar model to working with Uber Deliveroo or Airbnb. In these roles and businesses, you plug into a MASSIVE company and follow their systems and technology for training guidance and support. It's the same with us, only YOU pick the hours, and you are in control, and it can pay very well indeed as long as you are focused motivated and have the drive to succeed.  All you have to do is put in the effort & get to work. 

The Support

  • Full training from day 1.

  • Branded  Website with a URL & enquiry tracker.

  • Online enquiry management system.

  • Branded Social Media content.

  • Fingerprint secure App to run your business.

  • Online portal with Learning University.

  • £5m public Liability Insurance.

  • Online and classroom, team and 1-1 support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a car? How can it work for you? Is it a 'real job'? We get all sorts of questions all the time, so have curated some of our top FAQ's for you.


Live Team Interviews

Join us for our weekly live get-togethers where we interview members of the team both old and new and hear their real answers to all your questions about joining! 

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